There are currently two Sunday School Classes for adults.  The younger adult class meets downstairs in the fellowship hall, and the older adult class meets upstairs. Both classes meet at 9:30am, and coffee (and sometimes baked goods) is available.  This fall, we are hoping to add more classes with different topics to the list of Sunday School options for adults.

We have a very vibrant Wednesday night lineup of ministries for adults.  Bible Study is held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening of every month at 6:00pm. Families bring a covered dish to share, we eat together, and then we have the study. Members of the youth group volunteer to watch the children while the adults have a lesson.  We also have Home Groups that occur the 2nd Wednesday of every month at various homes throughout the area.  Home Groups begin at 6:30PM.  Also, On Mission Ministries happens on the fourth Wednesday night of every month.  This ministries focuses on putting feet to our faith by helping out the elderly and less fortunate of our community.  This ministry meets at 6PM at various locations.  Also, anytime there is a 5th Sunday in the month, we gather together at the church for a Prayer Meeting at 6PM.

There are many opportunities for adults and families to fellowship together at Leatherwood.  We have a complete lineup of events that allow us to get together as a church family.  Some of these events include Tractor Sunday, Soup ‘R Pie Sunday, Guy’s Night, Leatherwood Out to Lunch, Trunk or Treat, Family Night, Movies at the Manse, and more.  There is always something happening at Leatherwood Church!